Dr. Hunter Paul, DDS

Join Evergreen Dental in Welcoming Dr. Hunter Paul to Its Team of Qualified Dental Experts in Palmer, Alaska

Evergreen Dental is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Hunter Paul, DDS, to the team. As the newest member of Evergreen Dental in Palmer, Alaska, Dr. Paul brings a love for holistic dentistry that began during his childhood here in Alaska. His addition complements the team with a shared focus on helping patients understand their treatment options and providing quality dental care – without having to travel many miles to Anchorage.

A graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Utah School of Dentistry, Dr. Paul enjoys helping his patients to smile confidently and encourages preventative dentistry so his patients can enjoy their smile throughout life. 

Throughout his own life, Dr. Paul moved around frequently as his father served in the U.S. military both on active duty and as a civilian contractor. Always on the move, his father’s duty stations took him to places such as Arizona, Hawaii, and across the globe to Germany where he attended and graduated from high school. Upon graduation, Dr. Paul chose to complete his undergraduate career at the University of Alaska Anchorage in the state where he has always considered home.

As a dental professional, Dr. Paul is cognizant of the fact that dental procedures can cause anxiety and that many dental terms can be difficult for patients to understand. As such, Dr. Paul takes the time to ensure his patients’ comfort and care by explaining procedures in the most simple and straightforward fashion. At the end of the day, a patient’s comfort and care is of the utmost importance to Dr. Paul and he strives to ensure that each one of his patients has a positive experience.

When not practicing dentistry, you may find Dr. Paul and his wife, Savannah, spending time outdoors enjoying all that Alaska has to offer with their three rambunctious boys. Some of their favorite outdoor adventures include camping, fishing, kayaking, and hiking. And during the winter months it wouldn’t be an uncommon sight to find them building snow forts and slinging snowballs at each other, all in good fun of course. 

Dr. Paul officially joined the team in the beginning of August and is now accepting new patients! For those interested in booking an appointment with Dr. Paul, or if you’re interested in connecting with him, you can do so by scheduling an appointment today.