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Dental Restoration in Palmer

Restorative Dental Care for Missing or Damaged Teeth

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Let Us Put Your Smile Back Together Again 

No one wants broken, missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth. And while our job as dental experts is to do everything we can to keep your natural teeth in prime condition, sometimes the cards are against you. Maybe you were born with teeth that didn’t grow in correctly, one of your kids lost a tooth during an especially tense sibling wrestling match, or you chipped your teeth trying to drink water on a bumpy road. No matter the path that got you here, we can help fix your smile with professional dental restoration. 

Dental Restoration Services in Palmer and Wasilla, AK 

Many people can be touchy when it comes to their teeth – and for a good reason. It can be embarrassing to have less-than-perfect teeth, but it can be equally uncomfortable to trust someone else to fix your smile. We’ll walk you through every step of the dental restoration process so you can feel confident in letting us restore your teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are of the most common issues we run into with the kids and adults we see in our office. We will attempt to address small areas of decay using home care options such as improved brushing and flossing. However, if the decay continues to progress, we may recommend a filling as part of our dental restoration plan. 

At Evergreen Dental, we only ever use resin-based composite fillings to restore your teeth. Traditional dental fillings use amalgam, which is a mercury-based material that can have poor effects on your health. With composite fillings, we’ll apply an adhesive and bond the composite to your teeth using a powerful light cure. 

Same-Day Crowns

If your teeth are too damaged to repair with a filling, a crown is used to cap your natural tooth and restore its appearance and function. Porcelain dental crowns look just like the real deal. Once we’re done, you’ll have a sturdy and beautiful tooth that is resistant to both decay and stains. If you prefer a gold crown, we partner with Alaska’s finest dental labs to provide you with custom-fit and high-quality esthetics. 

With CEREC technology, we can get you your new porcelain crown in one visit. In the past, getting a crown would be at least a two visit procedure. We would have to take impressions of your teeth and have them sent to a lab for creation. This process could take about two weeks, or more if adjustments need to be made. With CEREC, we’ll take 3D images of your tooth and fabricate the crown on the same day. 

Dental Restoration & Missing Teeth Replacement

Our priority is always to save your natural tooth whenever possible. However, if you lose a tooth due to severe gum disease, a traumatic event, or a necessary tooth extraction, we have several solutions to restore your smile:

  • Dental implants: We can replace one or multiple missing teeth with dental implants. Unlike other restorative options, implants are placed in the bone and help retain bone density. We offer titanium implants, which are regarded as the most biocompatible metal, and zirconia implants, which are a non-toxic, metal-free alternative. 
  • Bridges: A dental bridge is a missing teeth solution that connects neighboring teeth with a floating prosthetic. This solution can replace one or multiple missing teeth in a row, and it prevents the neighboring teeth from shifting in your jaw. We will work with you on how to properly floss with a dental bridge. 
  • Dentures: Dentures are a great option if you have widespread tooth loss. We offer removable partial dentures and fixed full dentures, which can help you chew, smile, and talk normally again. A denture can also improve the appearance of your facial structure. Our dentures are framed with your choice of acrylic or metal. 
Root Canal Therapy 

If your tooth nerve becomes infected due to severe decay or is exposed from a cracked tooth, we may recommend root canal therapy to clean the inside of your tooth and restore its function. You might have options when it comes to root canal treatment, so we’ll sit down and discuss possible solutions for your dental restoration situation.

With root canal therapy, we will drill into your tooth to access the infected or exposed nerve. We will remove bacteria and seal the root canals using a filling material. To preserve the tooth and prevent any more damage from occurring, we will then place a crown. 

Make Us Your Official Dentist

If you’re looking for a high-quality dentist that’s only a quick drive from your Palmer home, then you’ve found the perfect match. We can’t wait to give the dental restoration care you deserve.

What Other Palmer Residents Have to Say

“I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years, but Leah, Heidi and Dr. Henrie made me feel so comfortable. They are thorough and kind. I appreciated how they discussed my care and treatment plan; and my teeth feel fantastic!! So happy we decided to establish care with the team at Evergreen.”